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Gift Ideas For Rugby Players and Enthusiasts

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If you know someone that either plays or enjoys watching rugby, this can help you decide what gifts to get them. Whether it is for their birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just to say you're thinking about them, the following gift ideas are great for any rugby enthusiast.


An easy way to get someone a rugby-themed gift is with clothing. There are many options for choosing clothing, from t-shirts and hoodie sweatshirts, to socks and even hats. For someone who enjoys watching rugby, they might want some clothing to keep them warm when out in the stands, which is when hoodies come in handy. These are warm, cozy, and include a hood just in case it starts to rain or gets extra windy. You can also get rugby jerseys for enthusiasts of the sport who want a jersey with their favorite team member's number on it.


For more of a customised gift, consider having some rugby glassware made for them. This is a good option for people who actually play the sport, as you can include a logo from the team they play in, along with their name and number if you choose. This can be a custom-printed shot glass with their team number and colors printed to take a good luck shot before each game, or a set of dinner glasses for them to display in the kitchen and also get some use out of.

Sports Bags

This is another good option for someone who actually plays rugby. You can get them a sport bag for them to carry their gear and essential items on practice and game days, such as bottles of water, personal care items, and an extra change of clothing. Some bags are printed with rugby graphics, while others are just plain and can be chosen in their favourite colour. Sports bags for rugby players are also a good way to have a gift customised with their name.


Books are a good option for both players and fans of the sport. Fans might enjoy a book that talks about the history of rugby or that profiles some of the most famous players of the sport. Players might enjoy the more technical books, showing different plays, techniques, and practice methods to improve their game even during the off-season. Books are inexpensive and make good items for their coffee table or to keep in their bag when they get some downtime.