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Corporate Wear Options for Pregnant Women

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If you are working throughout your pregnancy, it can be an expensive proposition to keep upgrading your corporate wear. The same maternity suit that fits like a dream at the start of the pregnancy may need to be replaced multiple times through the pregnancy as your bump (and the rest of your body) changes. 

Here are some ideas to help make the transition as affordable as possible. 

Hold off on buying new clothes for as long as possible

As you'll need to buy a few sets of maternity wear through the pregnancy, it can be a good idea to hold off as long as possible so that you don't buy unnecessary clothing. Try heading to a corporate wear store and trying some of their options such as belt extenders, which can help you to wear your existing clothes for a little longer. Sometimes you can find clothing in the standard clothing section of corporate wear ranges that may be useful for pregnancy such as skirts with a high level of stretch and flexibility. 

Buy the minimum of each item

Take some inspiration from male corporate dressers and have a few neutral options that you can dress up with different accessories. Often the cheapest option can be a dress that you can combine with different scarves, jewellery and bags to create different outfits. Some outfits are also adjustable so that you can keep wearing them for as long as possible. 

Make the most of the sales

While you won't know exactly what size you will be later in pregnancy, it can be a great idea to make the most of sales and discounts. You can even ask the store assistants when they are likely to have sales so that you can make the most of the sales. Often buying a higher end option is a great way to get maximum wear, as they will look good for multiple wears each week. 

It can also be a good to buy some normal corporate wear in a size or two up for the first part of your pregnancy, as you may find that you need some larger corporate wear when you head back to work particularly if you have a short maternity leave and your body hasn't returned quite to pre-body state. 

If you are looking for a way to maximise your bang for buck when buying maternity corporate wear then you should head to your local corporate wear store.