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4 Reasons a Dry-Cleaner is Better Than Washing at Home

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Many have seen the dreadful "Dry Clean Only" tags on their garments and textiles, and often these instructions are ignored, but is it worth the cost of losing your precious items?

You may be surprised to learn that dry cleaners do not just do laundry. There are a host of things these experts can do that both help you preserve special, irreplaceable things, and save you time.

Most dry cleaning professionals can wash, dry, press and fold laundry, but there are other services they can provide that you may not be aware of.

Repair: Perhaps the family dog jumped on the couch and gouged a hole in the cover or, more simply, a hem has come undone on your favorite pair of trousers. Many dry cleaning companies are equipped to repair damaged or torn garments and textiles, which prevents you from having to replace them.

Stain removal: If you've gotten oil or grease or blood on a favorite item, sometimes even the best spot removers won't work. Sometimes they can even cause more damage to your precious belongings. This is something dry cleaners are experts at—knowing what removes which stains and how much to use on which fabric. With a qualified dry cleaner, you won't have to worry about your things being further damaged by harsh chemicals.

Preservation: Have a special outfit? Wedding gown? Christening gown? These heirloom items can be treated specifically for careful storage so they last for years, until the next time comes for them to be used. Even if your wedding dress looks spotless to the eye, sometimes hidden stains can oxidize with storage and, when the time comes for the dress to be used by your daughter or sister, they've set and are now yellowed with age. Dry cleaners are experts at proper protection and storage so, when the day comes, your garments will come out of storage as fresh and ready as the day they went in.

Longer Washer Life: Not only can dry cleaning help preserve, restore or clean your garments and textiles, but your washing machine and dryer will take less punishment at home. You could throw all of your blankets in the wash, but each time you wash these heavy loads, your machine will take a beating because of the heavy weight. Sometimes dry cleaning is not just about the materials; sometimes it's better for your machine to leave such items to the experts.

Above all of these things is the matter of convenience and peace of mind. When you take your items to the dry cleaner, whether they're every-day clothing or something special, you can go about  your day and not worry about having it done. Your items will be ready to go, professionally cleaned, folded and ready to store or use, which means one less worry for your busy life.