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After Your Big Day—But Before You Store Your Wedding Dress Away: Here's What to Know About Wedding Dress Cleaning

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After your wedding day, one of the centrepieces of the whole event—your wedding dress—is generally relegated to a box or a bag and stowed away. However, if you want to ensure that your wedding dress is preserved in good condition for years to come, you'll need a specialised type of wedding dress cleaning. Here's what you need to know about wedding dress cleaning. 

How Does Wedding Dress Cleaning Work?

Wedding dress cleaning uses specialised cleaning and packaging methods to maintain your wedding gown's beauty for years to come. First, the wedding dress cleaners will do a complete evaluation of your wedding gown. This includes noting the materials as well as any damage (stains on the bottom of the gown or on the train area are quite common) that occurred. 

Cleaning the gown is usually done by hand, and it's a highly precise and careful process. During cleaning, there is a particular emphasis on any stains—even hidden stains. If any stains are left behind, they'll yellow or even turn brown over time.

How Soon After the Wedding Should You Have Your Wedding Dress Cleaned?

It's important to know that the cleaning must be done as quickly as possible after your wedding. Whilst you can delay until after your honeymoon, the fact is that any stains are easiest to deal with right away. Stains such as grass stains can be handled quite effectively if they're not set in yet—and this means taking the wedding gown in the day after the wedding if at all possible.

If you delay cleaning your wedding gown for weeks, months or even longer, you'll have to get wedding gown restoration rather than wedding gown cleaning. The longer that you delay wedding gown cleaning, the more costly the cleaning (or restoration) can become. 

How Is Your Wedding Gown Stored After Cleaning?

Depending on the methods used by your wedding dress cleaners, your wedding gown will be stored in specialised acid-free paper and then placed in either a large box or a heavy duty plastic bag. It's important to know that your wedding gown will stay in optimal condition only if it's left undisturbed following the cleaning. If you take the wedding gown out of its wrappings and handle it, there is a chance of new stains, and this may require another cleaning. Your best bet is to leave it in the box or bag until it's time to pass it on to someone else!

Ready to get your wedding dress not just cleaned but cleaned in a way that ensures its long-term survival? Contact your local dry cleaners to ask about a specialised wedding dress cleaning today!