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How To Stay Comfortable At Work Year Round With The Right Workwear

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Millions of Australians work in industries that require them to be outside or do serious physical work every single day. It can be an extremely tough job to work in mining, agriculture, manufacturing and many more similar industries but these are what keep Australia moving forward and are essential to the country's growth. If you are in these industries, the best way to cope is to prepare yourself for the day ahead by choosing workwear that gives you a comfortable but supportive feel while remaining durable. Here are some key tips on what clothes to look for. 

Essential Workwear

No matter what industry you work in, there are a few essentials that everyone can agree are very necessary for a complete wardrobe. 

  • Winter workwear: you will need a coat or a jumper (depending on how cold it is where you live). Choose one that has good construction quality and isn't just a generalised, recreational hoodie. Canvas is a great material for strong, waterproof jackets.
  • Underwear and related accessories: underwear that is specifically made for heavy-duty use and walking around all day is a must, otherwise you will tear through your regular undergarments very quickly. Socks will be worn at all times and you should have a thick pair as well that can protect your feet from blisters and sores as best as possible. You need new underwear and socks every day, so get enough.
  • Workwear pants: long pants are essential and will keep you from getting burned or splashed with corrosive material. Pockets are a key feature, and are often best when paired with zippers to keep your belongings safe and in their place. Cotton is a good material for pants, but look at clothing articles that prioritise durability over comfort.
  • Workwear shirts: your shirts will cop a beating so it is important you get quite a few. Simple, plain shirts made from cotton (stretch cotton is very good) should provide you with good protection. Always choose long sleeve shirts over short sleeve to protect yourself from the sun.

General Tips

When shopping for clothes, you always want to go in with a purpose and in this case, yours will be workwear. That means that utility is paramount and good workwear can cost a bit of money. Do not be put off by expensive workwear as, generally, this means a higher quality build and you will need to replace it less often. Always get clothes with as much coverage as possible, including long sleeve shirts and pants. These not only protect you from the sun but from materials that you may come into contact with onsite. Remember to buy as many alternate versions of the clothes as you can; you will get hot and sweaty and wearing the same clothes on consecutive days can be a nightmare.

Hi Visibility Workwear

Depending on what industry you work in you may be required to wear hi visibility workwear at night or around the clock. Many workwear outlets now have specific clothes made with hi visibility as a top priority so you will find little trouble getting a comfortable fit. Generally, it is a good idea to wear an undershirt when possible and get the same colour hi visibility, either lime green or orange, that your workmates get. Remember, with hi visibility workwear and workwear in general, the goal of the clothes is to be used as a tool to allow you to work well and safely.