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The Three Essential Items In Any Corporate Employee's Wardrobe

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Corporate wear is an interesting niche of workwear because it places more of an emphasis on style and design than traditional workwear worn by tradespeople and labourers. This means that the wardrobe you will be looking to put together will be very different if you work in an office, and understanding what essentials make up a good rotation is important to looking good year-round. Before you start buying everything you see in the hopes that some of it will fit together, here are a few easy essentials that you should base your corporate wear wardrobe on.


Polos are extremely versatile shirts that can be far more sporty than they would appear at first glance. By using dark colours, many corporate-wear manufacturers hide the blend of material in the polos so that they have a significant amount of breathable polyester, rather than heavy cotton. This way your polo shirt still looks like the more high-end variants while allowing you to work and move around in it all day without fear of getting it sweaty or smelly. If your office or company allows polo shirts, then you absolutely must stock up on them, as they can be worn with nearly anything.


Knitwear is an important part of the office environment because it is a relatively modest fashion statement that also keeps you warm in the often chilly corporate environments. The most important thing to remember when working in an office environment is layering, especially in winter. Wearing just a jacket and a shirt does not give you a lot of options when you get to your work, but adding a simple knitwear jumper will allow you to be far more comfortable. 

Suit Jacket

Every now and then in the corporate world, you will need to suit up, whether it is for a big client or perhaps a formal social event aimed at attracting partners. You don't have to spend thousands on a quality suit, however, as many corporate-wear specialists offer quality, durable suit jackets for a fraction of the up-market alternatives. The trick is not placing so much weight on a brand name as virtually no one will be able to tell if you don't bring it up. As long as you don't go for the absolute cheapest, off-the-rack suit jacket and get something that has a good shape and quality materials you should be set for your next black-tie event!

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